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Work fast and effectively with documents in the SAP environment

Manage your documents comfortably, quickly and safely!

Documents are alongside structured data in databases of the typical business systems an important medium for various types of information. Nowadays, a multitude of important information is stored in files on hard-drives or fileservers outside of professional IT systems, they can be Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, e-mails (Outlook + Lotus Notes) or PDF. This is not without problems: Which version of a file is correct and current? Who has access to the file? How can I incorporate the file into business processes that I control and monitor? The problems remain no matter if we are dealing with approved, informative or data-collecting processes.

Integration of documents via Windows Explorer into SAP® Folders Management and 4PEP

With SAP NetWeaver Folders Management and 4PEP, SAP and ILC present applications that allow you to manage documents safely, protect them by authorization and create versions – whether it is in the form of record structures or of easily comprehensible Excel-like cockpits.

With 4PEP Connect Desktop Integration, you can make these professional business systems easily available to your entire user group: Save your files, e-mails (Outlook + Lotus Notes) and their attachments in SAP directly from Word, Excel or any other application. Work via the Windows Explorer, just like you would in your daily work.

You’ll have both: a simple, intuitive handling and professional business tools at the same time. Allow your users to work fast and effectively with documents in the SAP environment using 4PEP Connect Desktop Integration.

4PEP Connect Desktop Integration – Features & Functions

  • Storage and download of any type of file via the Windows Explorer
  • Handling of multiple files in one step by drag & drop
  • Editing and versioning
  • Display of record structures of the SAP NetWeaver Folders Management or 4PEP in the Windows Explorer
  • Search of records, cases, 4PEP objects and documents (document info record/attachment via the Windows Explorer
  • Linking of existing document info records and editing of documents contained therein
  • Filing of e-mails (Outlook & Lotus Notes) and their attachments directly by drag & drop
  • Display of document attributes in the Windows Explorer
  • Integration of favorites or history of the SAP NetWeaver Folder Management or 4PEP into the Windows Explorer
  • Available for records and cases, as well as for all 4PEP objects and structures

4PEP Connect Desktop Integration – your advantages

  • Intuitive handling leads to high acceptance among users
  • Inclusion of departments and employees that rarely work with SAP
  • Possibility to establish a professional document management throughout the entire company
  • Avoiding of redundant document filing and of the search for the most recent version
  • No SAP GUI necessary

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