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PLM solutions for consumer goods Due to its innovative strength, discrete manufacturing is one of the most important industries in the German economy. Industry 4.0 creates many new opportunities and challenges for the entire manufacturing industry. Competition is strong and products can be compared easily, that is why customerspecific product features are becoming an increasingly important sales factor. Rapidly growing numbers of variants and their management respectively their change in all core processes put ambitious demands on your PLM landscape.

The interaction of mechanics, electronics, and software needs to be realized in ever shorter product life cycles.

Systems engineering can help you to master the resulting challenges, from the definition of requirements, during the development and production phases, and up to the maintenance and information retrieval from sold products.

ILC knows the challenges of the consumer goods industry and supports your way to product development processes in a new dimension with excellent consulting services and software solutions.


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ILC Consumer Goods Brochure


Master Data Management

Product Definition, Variant and Structure Management

Sample & Prototype Management

Test & Validation Management

Production Process Planning

Regulatory Affairs Management

Engineering Change Management

Requirements Management

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