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Modern products of all industries have undergone a continuous change from predominantly mechanical to mechatronic systems in recent years. In this context, it is particularly the development of electronics and software that has become an indispensable driver of innovation. The development of these multifunctional and multidisciplinary systems requires new and interdisciplinary forms of cooperation on the basis of networked development processes.

Systems Engineering is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach that is used to develop multifunctional systems. It does not only address the system to be developed but also the associated project. Systems Engineering makes it possible to control the growing number of demands on the system and also the increase in product complexity caused by more and more system functionalities and interfaces. ⁴PEP supports this approach perfectly!

⁴PEP Systems Engineering Fact Sheet EN

  • Systems Engineering helps you find the most efficient, economical and robust solution.
  • Using Systems Engineering can result in cost savings of 10–20 percent in the project budget.
  • The use of Systems Engineering helps to control the growing complexity of projects, products, variants, functions, etc., and is required by common standards, making it very useful in regard to auditability.
  • Errors and invalid assumptions are avoided and changing problems and requirements are dealt with efficiently.
  • Project requirements, interfaces, and problems, as well as the consequences of changes can be controlled and made transparent more efficiently.
  • The systems engineering process helps the systems engineer to effectively manage changes and configurations throughout the entire project life cycle.
  • Additionally, Systems Engineering supports the intensive cooperation between system engineers and program managers, which leads to a joint system and project successes.

⁴PEP Systems Engineering offers you the opportunity to manage your development process and the results consistently and continuously based on configurations/baselines. Branch, merge, and versioning assistants support you in maintaining an overview. Existing disciplines and specific authoring systems can be connected seamlessly using the integration suite ⁴PEP Connect.

⁴PEP Change Management takes into account all existing configurations/baselines. Several changes can be bundled or implemented in a defined sequence. Eventually, the change process will create a new configuration level/baseline.

  • ⁴PEP is the only tool that integrates all elements of systems engineering as a backbone.
  • ⁴PEP has an open architecture and is equipped to integrate different authoring and specialized systems.
  • ⁴PEP bridges the gap between product design and product engineering and ensures the transfer to SAP.
  • ⁴PEP is the only PLM system that offers configuration and change management in the context of SAP applications.

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