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Planning, ordering, defining and logistical processing of samples and prototypes

In some industries, the construction of samples and prototypes is an essential part of the product development process. Very often, the construction is done manually even though it is a “small” PPS process that is carried out under specific conditions.

4PEP Sample and Prototype Management makes use of already existing functions of your SAP ERP installation and connects them to create a smoothly interlinked process.

  • Planning of sample stages/prototypes
  • Ordering of samples
  • Definition of samples: creation/derivation of sample BOMs and additional master data
  • Logistical processing (purchasing, production)
  • Delivery of samples

Success Stories

Kundenreferenz Daimler Trucks - ILC GmbH
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New Prototype Process (NPP) based on ⁴PEP

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