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Flexible and efficient management of (SAP) business processes

You have certainly encountered this problem not only in the field of engineering, but also in various departments: You have a large number of different processes that need to be managed efficiently, comprehensively, and securely, but also flexibly across corporate areas. For this, you want to plan, structure, and model processes in a simple way. Still, you need to be able to react flexibly to results and feedback during operational execution, even ad hoc if possible. Users must be provided with all necessary information to take care of their tasks so that they can process and complete them easily and efficiently. For those responsible in the specialist departments and in management, constant transparency about the status and compliance with processing times is an essential requirement.

With ⁴PEP Process Engine, the new process component for ⁴PEP, we developed a user-friendly solution that fulfills the requirements placed on a process control system flexibly and efficiently.

⁴PEP Process Engine Fact Sheet EN

Process Modeling

  • Intuitive, graphic modeling capabilities for processes, workflows, and rules for the control of work processes (no programming knowledge required),
  • mapping of complex requirements using a hierarchical structure of phases, sub-processes, and tasks
  • flexible definition and determination of roles involved in the process, and
  • simple definition of checklists and assignment of documents and business objects to a task model.

Operative Process Management

  • Simple definition of responsibilities and due dates in the process instances,
  • provision of all necessary information for processing the tasks in the process context,
  • direct processing of decisions, checklists and business objects in the task,
  • transparent status tracking via graphical process display,
  • flexible addition of ad-hoc process steps as needed,
  • termination of activities depending on defined process results, as well as
  • transparent evaluation and analysis for process owners and management.

Your Benefit

  • Increase of user acceptance thanks to simple and flexible handling during processing,
  • high efficiency in modeling, from simple to complex ruled based business processes,
  • reduction of time, complexity, and throughput times of processes with a simultaneous increase in process quality,
  • intuitive graphical user interface for modeling and execution of business processes without the need for workflow/IT knowledge, as well as
  • operation via user-friendly web application that integrates seamlessly with existing SAP and ⁴PEP process applications.

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