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Mastering product variety globally with 4PEP Material Master Management

Rittal has continuously evolved to become the world’s leading systems provider for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure as well as software and services. Today, Rittal offers a perfectly coordinated system platform that combines innovative products, pioneering engineering solutions and a global service for a wide range of requirements. All from a single source, all in top quality, also made possible by using 4PEP Material Master Management.

Customer Quote

Rittal Logo – ILC GmbH

“We have grown fond of ILC and their staff for being a professional and strategic partner in our projects. They have always suggested possible ways to the right or to the left, presented the pros and cons to us and have thereby allowed us to move our projects forward in an efficient and, most notably, an error-free way.”

Oliver Bethke, Director of IT-Applications, ITM Procurement Solutions & Warehousing


  • name: Rittal GmbH & Co. KG Group: Friedhelm Loh Group
  • headquarters: Herborn, 18 pro-duction sites, 80 int. subsidiaries
  • industry: machinery and plant engineering
  • products: enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT in-frastructure, software and services
  • revenue: 3 bn EUR (group 2022)
  • employees: 12 500 (group 2022)
  • www.rittal.com

Initial situation and challenge

  • there was neither a reconciliation nor a synchronization of data
  • mapping of all information relevant for a product in a material record
  • creation of a product data dashboard
  • replacing of different data management tools


  • flexibility – freely scalable and extensible
  • product information that is crucial for decisions is shown at a glance in a transparent way, providing a 360 degree view
  • high data quality in SAP

Customer benefits

  • accomplishing of short-term project goals
  • shortening of lead times
  • high acceptance and integration of 4PEP as a tool
  • industry 4.0 readiness

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