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Product qualification and global change management using 4PEP

KOSTAL is well established as a partner to the car industry in the automotive electrics, industrial electrics, contact systems, testing technology (SOMA) and solar electrics business sectors. Continuous system-supported and cross-client prototype construction processes are carried out based on 4PEP Product Qualification. The ever increasing requirements for development and logistics processes at global companies make effective, transparent engineering change management essential and KOSTAL is well equipped for this with 4PEP Engineering Change Management from ILC.

Customer Quote

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“With 4PEP Product Qualification, we achieve worldwide transparency in our sample processes. The flexibly producible descriptions of technical deviations are very valuable to us.”

Michael Klöwer, Manager Commercial Services, Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG


  • name: Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG
  • locations: Lüdenscheid (38 sites in 17 countries)
  • industrial sectors: automobile electricity, industrial electricity, solar electricity, contact systems, testing technologies (SOMA)
  • revenue: 2.449 bn. EUR (2020)
  • employees: 20,000 global
  • www.kostal.com

Initial situation and challenge

  • prototype processes not continuously system-supported
  • lack of transparency in terms of the prototypes’ technical statuses and processing progress
  • global continuous change process needed
  • growing number of product changes and increasing complexity


  • cross-system software suite and centralised database
  • capacity and component planning
  • seamless connection with series processes
  • flexible standardised workflow for change across the company
  • direct access to current inventory data from all plants

Customer benefits

  • continuous system support from planning to commission
  • consistent data and guaranteed availability of parts
  • simplified global coordination of change
  • significant reduction in lead times
  • transparent tracking of change processes

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