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Enter 21st-century Variant Management with ⁴PEP!

  • Maintain full control on product variants (throughout entire lifecycle)
  • Establish a unified communication platform for all
  • Cut costs by early evaluation
  • Enjoy savings of 30-50%
  • Gain complete insight into your product
  • Handle up to 40 times more product variations effortlessly
  • Create simple rules for product variants

Your benefits

  • Optimize Variant Diversity to meet market demands efficiently.
  • Divide and conquer across different realms like production and sales for smoother operations.
  • Mathematical Modeling to analyze variants, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Reliable Mapping of variants through versions and validity periods.
  • Master Data Automation decouples variant modeling from SAP master data and automatically generates master data.

Unlock Growth and Potential with most efficient Product Variants!

Join the ranks of the world’s leading companies by developing your products with innovative solutions!

Successful companies know how to reduce the growing complexity of products and processes in a targeted manner using variant management. It is the control of the variant diversity that makes it possible to serve the market optimally with modularized solutions. Keep a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced marketplace und be ahead of your competition!

Navigating modern product landscapes can be complex, but our approach is a game-changer! Our goal is to get your products to market faster, with fewer headaches and less waste.

Let’s simplify complexity, optimize product diversity, and drive sustainable success! We support you in becoming the best of the best!

The new way to build VC models

PLM software suite ⁴PEP

certified SAP add-in

rapidly implemented into your current SAP system landscape

compatible with S/4 HANA and field-tested

Case Studies & Customer Quotes

Referenz ERCO

“With the innovation of LED, our number of variants has sky-rocketed. Thanks to ⁴PEP, the same team can handle up to 40 times more product variations! ⁴PEP is our core for the entire product life cycle.”

Andreas Schütz, Research & Development, Team Leader Project Management Office

Logo BSH

“With the user-friendly solution ⁴PEP Product Structure and Variant Management, employees are now able to create complex characteristics-based sets of rules for product variants after only one day of training without any programming or expert knowledge, while significantly saving time.”

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Wlczek, Development Business Processes

“The use of ⁴PEP enables our development department to take a direct and primary role in the mapping and maintenance of variant diversity. This allows us to achieve a profound integration of variant management into our development processes.“

Daniel Rudolf Mechanical Design Dept., Project manager variant configuration

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